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The Jumbler is our voice inversion "scrambler" designed to keep your private communications secure from casual listeners



The Clarifier is our unique tunable voice inversion "descrambler" designed to clarify the "scrambled" output of your Jumbler or any other inverted audio signal


Clarifier Elite

The Clarifier Elite offers the same unique tunable voice inversion descrambler technology as our Clarifier, but built into the high quality Uniden Bearcat BC23A powered speaker for clear, crisp audio

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A Note to Our Customers

  • Since the demise of the Ramsey SS70 Voice Inversion device and the passing of Matt Bias (who designed and built the CTP DS49 CU1), there has been no source for quality voice inversion devices. We at Reception Unlimited decided to remedy that situation. Having used both in the past, we chose (in our opinion) the superior of the two - the CTP DS49 U1 - to modernize and base our system on. We took Matt's basic design and, using Surface Mount Technology, minaturized the circuitry to the point we could place it inside an excellent quality powered speaker- the Uniden Bearcat BC23A- to bring you the Clarifier Elite. We use the same superior technology to bring you the Jumbler and the Clarifier. We think Matt would be pleased with the results.

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